atelier = workshop, creative space
viveka = discernment

Atelier Viveka is a creative space to celebrate self care
using the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda
by practicing seeing what serves you, and what does not.

At Atelier Viveka, we believe in:


By becoming aware of blockages and stale patternings that no longer serve you, you can gently release them, making room for more easeful, wise and compassionate patterns instead. With the power of breath, intention, and self care practices, we can clear out both gently and in acute interventions.


Your greatest tool is to reconnect to your inner spaciousness, lighted by the radiance of your awareness. This space is like coming home, and it is always with you. By grounding in our embodied experience, we can feel through our sense of being and sync with natural cycles to be guided by our inner wisdom.


Women, folk healing and the wilderness all have a legacy which needs reclaiming after years of being stifled through social conditioning. By rediscovering skills and wisdom, you become increasingly self-reliant in your healing and development.

Hi, I’m Shaz. I’m a wisdom seeker steeping in yogic and ayurvedic tradition. My personal intention is to grasp the unknowable, the radiant vision of discriminative awareness.

On one hand – I’m fiercely analytical and thrive off of devouring books in pursuit of understanding grounded in some serious logic. If it doesn’t make sense, even on some abstract level, I have serious trouble accepting it.

On the other, I’m a deeply intuitive folk healer who regenerates from watching the breeze in the trees and singing to the plants. (Sometimes, just sometimes, they’ll sing back).

I believe in connection, inquiry, deep listening and observing the recurring patterns in our life and bodyminds. By recognizing these patterns, we can gently dissolve them, and build more easeful, spacious, and compassionate patterns instead.

Om shanti shanti