Do you stand strong & with an open heart?

Do you feel centred and grounded?

Is your posture free from pain?

If NOT, you may not how how to really connect with the Earth in your own body.

We’ve never been taught what it feels like.

This free workshop shows you how.

Grounding in your own body is the easiest way to release that which obscures your radiant Self.

Thing is, we often have a mental image of what that ‘should’ look like, and we haven’t always been taught how to find our inner alignment in our own body.

We get mired in the muck of accumulated tensions and postural habits. We hold onto energetic blockages, and we can unwittingly create aches and pains.

When you can find your natural alignment, you come into a dynamic balance that allows you to flow freely and experience more space. You also become a conduit between Earth and Sky.

Grounded Alignment introduces you to a quick, simple technique to understand how your body works. All you need is 15 minutes, some attention, and the space to stand and wave your arms. Then, you can find that space every moment of every day.

I used to think I knew what it felt like to be grounded.

I diligently followed all the advice, all the instructions, carrying what I knew from yoga class out into the world. Tilt your hips back, open your chest, open your heart.

Yet I was still hyped up, still stuck in my head, still, oddly, completely disconnected from my feet. My legs just didn’t exist for me in my mental image of my body. They were just there, carrying me. No love.

Standing straight felt like my stereotypical image of the Royal Guard standing to attention, all tense and rigid like a good girl. Relaxing, of course, not part of the equation.

I was leading with my head, trying to think my way into grounding.

I found, instead, to start with the feeling. Dropping my awareness down, closer to the Earth. And to flip things literally on their head.

By starting with how your feet feel, you start with the immediate connection to the Earth. You start with the essence.

By exploring and paying attention to how I felt in my body, I realised that most of what I had been told was literally telling me to go in the opposite direction than what was good for my body.

Instead of trying to think my way out of it, I learnt to trust the feeling and my own inner wisdom.

From there, I found what inner alignment truly feels like.

For the first time, I felt like a clear channel between Earth and Sky.

When we find our centre, we find our own middle way. That dynamic balance in our own embodied being is the only way to feel deep connection, and emerge and create in flow, in sync with that connection.

It is a subtle shift in perspective, but it changes everything. It changes how we carry ourselves. It changes how the muscles in your back hold you up, and allows them to release tensions and patternings that are only overlaid in social conditioning. On a physical level, it can ease back pain. On an energetic level, you can rest in your own inner spaciousness and grounded alignment.

This is literally my party trick – I teach it to non-spiritual acquantainces at parties, and their eyes light up.

I am sure it can do the same for you.

* Actually, the etymology of the word ‘sacrum’ comes from the Latin ‘os sacrum’, meaning ‘sacred bone’, because people believed the soul resides in it. Considering it is a very powerful energy centre, I’m more and more astounded that there is actually some pretty cool ancient knowledge that also existed here in Europe, in parallel with that in Asia. /endgeeknote.